Journey up the hill

Mt Kinabalu is a relatively low hill and ascent is not a very tedious one. So, one need not be a trained person to go up the hill. Climbers need to ensure to follow the proper trail to get to the top. There are two trails: the Timphon Trail and Mesilau Trail. These trails lead to Laban Rata which is the halting point before getting to the top.

Timphon Trail is about 5.5 Km from the Kinabalu National Park. This is an advisable route for the beginners as the route is clearly earmarked in this steep and rocky terrain. There are steps all the way to the top with no valleys or plateaus. It takes about 2-3 hours to reach Layang-Laygna and then 4-5 hours to Laban Rata. People break the journey in this manner to get refreshed and rejuvenated and get used to the mountainous weather

  • Mesilau Trail is about 1 hour drive from Kinabalu National Park. This is for more professional climbers as its quite challenging. It’s not the preferred choice for ascending or descending the mountain. Having said that, it’s a more scenic route. The actual vegetation, flora and fauna of the mountain can be experienced through this trail. This trail is about 2 Km longer than Timphon Trail. As in Timphon Trail, people stop at Layang-Laygn and Laban Rata.


They stay overnight and begin the ascent again early morning to catch the glimpse of sunrise at the summit. This would take about 3 hours.